Momen Zellmi is director of Academia and Quality Assurance & teaching staff at Gasha Technical Institute GTI. Momen works from Erbil, capital of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, as a researcher, lecturer, and advisor. Born in Khurmal district, Halabja province in northern Iraq in 1985. His family fled to Iran in 1987 and spent his childhood at refugee campuses. He received his primary education in Persian/Farsi language at Marivan town, west of Iran. His secondary schooling in Kurdish and Arabic languages was during the period of war against terrorism in 1998-2005 in Hawraman (Iran-Iraq border territory). * Momen Zellmi reads English at the College of Humanities at Salahadin University of Iraq (2006-10). He moved to India for his Master’s degree in English language and literature at Bangalore University, Acharya Institute of Management and Science (2011-13). He studies Ph.D. in Department of Foreign Languages at EMU in North Cyprus. He published several books and numerous works in the field of Language & Educational Policy, Gender, and Culture. He became a trainer of educational policy, used to work as journalist and analyst with local and international outlets, co-founder KSS, and director of Hope Autism Society HAS. Momen works as Diplomatic and Political Consultant. He currently directs Hope Autism Society-HAS, in Kurdistan Region of Iraq.